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My Classic Car: 1978 Pontiac Trans Am

Basically a barn find


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I’m 75 years old and have been into cars all my life. I’ve had many muscle cars over the years, which are now classics, and wish I had them all back. This Pontiac Trans Am is one I had been looking for a while, and I finally found it abandoned in a storage lot in Show Low, Arizona. I spent nine years building her before she spent eight months in a paint and body shop. I knew this Trans Am had to be perfect, because a while after I bought it, I found out it was a low number car out of 93,300 built. It came with performance suspension, Pontiac 400 horsepower engine, Muncie M-21 4-speed, and 342 Posi-traction rear end which had been special ordered. I ended up naming the car “Baby” while working on it one night until 11 p.m. after putting in a full day’s work at my job. I was REALLY tired and just instinctively said, “Man, Baby, I’ve got to go to bed.” The name stuck.

This car is now new from end to end, top to bottom. It was supposed to be my daily driver, but instead ended up being a show car and has won first place trophies over the last year. It’s been running for four years and only has 130 miles on it. I built the 400 engine and that’s the only thing that isn’t stock.

Greg K., South Dakota



  1. Thank you sir for the thousands of hours of hard work restoring this beauty. You are the life blood of classic cars. Your story is inspirational.

  2. i also had a brown one in after high school got a job and bought it, i live in tucson , funny that i have been looking all over the country to find one and it was close lol, enjoy, let know if you want to sell

  3. Pontiacs have always been my car of choice. I always wanted a TA but unfortunately never got too. I did however stumble into a very rare 79 Pontiac Sunbird hatchback. I thought I was just buying this old woman’s car, but it ended up being an FORMULA that never had any markings, spoilers or flares. It had the special suspension package, 231 v6 hooked up to a Turbo Hydro 350 automatic with floor shift and console. I had my brother’s body shop paint it a dark green that looked black or green depending on how the light hit it. It ran amazing, and I started to update it with heavier sway bars, polyurethane bushings and doing some things to hot rod it. I absolutely loved that car, and it looked amazing as well. UNFORTUNATELY my wife wrecked it into a tree and a Boulder, TOTALING IT! COOLEST CAR I EVER OWNED!!! I LIKED IT WAY MORE THAN THE 68 Chevell I had when I graduated. 😫😭

  4. I love that T/A. My first new car was a 77 T/A. Got engaged in that car while driving away from the lot. I’ve got 2 now. A 78 black and gold bandit clone show car and an 80 indy pace car that is set up as a very nice driver. I need to sell one of them if anyone is interested

  5. I had a 78 firebird wit T tops,black n color wit gold interior. im crazy about your car, keep dat bad boy. das fresh💯.

  6. That looks like a good one 1⃣ she’s not really showing to much body work and the motor is one 1⃣ of Pontiacs good ones good find.

  7. Thank you. This just flooded me with some incredible memories. My first car, 1978 silver w/ red interior, Pontiac Trans Am. 6.6l automatic with positive traction . Silver honeycomb rims , dual exhaust. I “fit” into those vinyl red bucket seats like no other car ever. A buddy and I managed to get the speedometer way past the 100 peg on a back old hwy road that took you to Atlanta. I could boil the tires from a dead stop until I let off the gas. I feel 14 again. WOW


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