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Win this 480-HP Big-Block Restomod 1970 Nova

Team up with Dream Giveaway to help children and veterans


Do you remember the roaring days of 30-cent gasoline and big-block V8s?

It was the golden age of the muscle car, a time when neon-filled American streets echoed with the thunderous roar of Chevelles, Camaros, Corvettes, and, of course, the iconic Nova. If you’ve been longing for a chance to relive those glory days, you’re in luck. Thanks to the Dream Giveaway Garage, you can score the title and the keys to one awesome muscle-car-era ride, but you better act quick if you want it in your garage.

Feast your eyes on this 1970 Nova, a true classic that may appear unassuming on the outside, but, as we will explain, gets its get-up-and-go from the most iconic Chevrolet big block of all time.

Big-block Nova in your garage? All it takes is one lucky entry. CLICK HERE and we will hook you up with your chances to win!

This ’70 Nova likely had an out-the-door price under $3,000, making it a lower-cost alternative to the Camaro and Chevelle. We think somebody’s groovy grandma must have signed on the dotted line for this 2-door Nova new, as its miles are barely halfway to the rollover mark and the interior looks like plastic see-through seat covers were wrapped over the front and rear bench seats.

But don’t be fooled. After grandma found a new home for her Astro Blue Nova, the next owner saw it as the perfect Chevy to hot rod to the hilt.

Let’s start under the hood. This vinyl-topped Nova, with its sleek fastback styling, is sure to get your attention with its Chevrolet Performance ZZ427/480 big-block V8 engine, which is based on the legendary 1969 L88 big block. With 427 cubic inches of carbureted performance and 480 horsepower to the pedal, this Nova delivers all the gumption you’ll ever need for thrilling stoplight-to-stoplight action.

But that’s not all that is sure to get your pulse pounding. For those who savor the thrill of a manual transmission, this Nova is guaranteed to tickle your sweet spot with a heavy-duty Muncie M22 gearbox. And that’s not all; this Nova is equipped with Caltrac traction bars, a Positraction limited-slip and an electric cutout dual-exhaust system that lets you unleash a symphony of raw power. So, get ready to flex those shifting skills when you enter for a chance to win.

Here’s where you come in. Put this stunning Nova in your driveway without ever having to make a car payment. It’s easy. By entering to win this remarkable 1970 Nova, you’re not only getting a chance to own a piece of classic muscle car history but also supporting veterans’ and children’s charities. Your entry fee is a meaningful contribution that makes a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

If it is love at first sight for you and this big-block Nova, get your entries now to win by CLICKING HERE.

Don’t let this incredible opportunity pass you by. There are only a few days left to enter before this sweepstakes closes on November 16, 2023, at the stroke of midnight.

ENTER NOW and get ready to rev up the engine of your dreams in a classic Nova you’ve always wished you had, all while helping those in need. It’s a win-win situation you don’t want to miss! Remember, time is running out. ENTER NOW.



  1. Highschool bud had a ’70 Nova with the 396/375, bench seat, TH400 and a 3.90 axle. Scary to drive, almost uncontrollable in the wet. Still a great car.


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