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You Are What You Eat With Subaru Granola

Flannel not included


Subaru of America is taking its commitment to be “More Than a Car Company” to new heights this April. For those who like their snacks to be as crunchy as they are, Subaru is entering the granola business with the debut of the all-new Subaru Forager Granola.
The closest thing you’ll find to eating compost for breakfast, Subaru Forager Granola is a companion snack to power you through life’s crunchiest pursuits. The ultimate driver’s seat treat (just ignore the crumbs) Forager can power even the busiest days, whether you’re scouting out trees to hug, talking to plants, or searching for a spot for your latest bumper sticker.
“At Subaru, we’re committed to being More Than a Car Company, and now, we are literally More Than a Car Company, because we’re making granola,” said Moe Muesli, Head of Texture and Granularity at Subaru of America, Inc. “We know Subaru drivers have a reputation for being ‘crunchy,’ and now we have a snack that is as crunchy – or perhaps crunchier – than they are.”

Good Vibes Only

Subaru Forager Granola blends wholesome grains, nuts, dried fruits, and the promise of the open road, offering all of the goodness of nature in one tasty package.* Because each journey is unique, Forager is customizable with any ingredients. Subaru recommends fresh steam from Old Faithful, crunchy macrobiotic twigs, and even (maybe?) those berries you found in the woods.
And with packaging made from 100% Recycled Good Vibes, consumers can eat Subaru Forager Granola and feel good about their environmental footprint. Empty bags can be placed right back into the earth. As they break down, you’ll be putting good vibes back into the soil of your local community. 
Subaru Forager Granola was set to launch on April 1, but because this is an April Fool’s Day joke, it won’t be hitting grocery shelves or Subaru retail locations any time soon. But for all those living on the crunchier side of life, Subaru will always be there to fuel your trip. Stay crunchy, and April Fools!
*May also contain dog hair, but it should come off with a lint roller.




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