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Bring Home One of the Country’s Coolest 4-Speed Chevy II Novas

Powered by a 327/350 L79


Before the Camaro become a household name, heck before the Camaro even became a name, Chevy fans who wanted a dose of high-performance in a smaller-than-fullsize body looked at products like the Chevy II and the Malibu, which were both available from the factory with souped-up small blocks.

For less than $3,000 out the door, a new car buyer could go home with a brand-new 1966 Chevy II Nova with a 350hp 327ci V-8 (the L79), a four-speed and Positraction. Although these Chevy IIs rarely had the upscale features of an Impala or a Caprice, they became quite popular for their sporty appearance and spiffy performance.

1966 Chevrolet II Nova

If putting one of these rare muscle-car era Chevy II Novas in your driveaway without ever having to make a monthly car payment sounds good to you then click HERE.

Dream Giveaway has a reputation of picking out the coolest cars from the ’60s for you to win. This red ’66 Chevy II Nova is no exception. It features the high-revving L79 327ci V-8 from the Corvette, a four-speed and Positraction.

“The 1965-1968 L79 327 (rated at both 350 hp and 325 hp) was for many the Best Overall Chevy Small-Block of the ’60s.” says Motor Trend magazine and we think they are right on the money.

Make no doubt about it. This is an old-school muscle car that is waiting to be driven. The exterior and interior have both been nicely restored and the engine was built up and able to use unleaded fuel. The 327ci/350hp L79 has one of the highest horsepower-to-cubic-inches ratio (1.07:1) of any American V-8 of the time.

1966 Chevrolet II Nova

The free-revving L79 is a storm-trooper from 2,400 rpm all the way to 5,800 rpm, and often leaves the big block cars in its dust! The L79 motor looks great too, w/ a chromed dual-snorkel air cleaner, chrome rocker covers, and a chrome oil filler cap at the front of the aluminum intake manifold. GM even did the exhaust right, w/ duals and resonators for that raspy sound. (Source: Rods-classics.com).

There’s less than one week left for you to get your entries in for this sporty, manual-shift n’66 Chevy II Nova. If you have the lucky ticket, it’s going home with you. ENTER NOW.

Remember, even if you don’t win, you helped out some great charities!


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