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Morgan Motor Company releases ash wood infused gin

Believed to be the world’s first ash wood gin and features notes of crisp apple


The Morgan Motor Company, British manufacturer of hand-crafted sports cars established in 1909, is known for blending traditional craftsmanship and modern technology in its vehicles and, now, in gin.

Each Morgan has been built using the same three elements: ash wood, metal and leather. Traditionally, the lightweight ash wood has been shaved down to create the supporting frame that sits on a steel or aluminum chassis.

“The Morgan Motor Company has long been famous for its use of ash wood in the construction of its cars, but the 111-year-old firm has now discovered a creative use for the surplus material, with the launch of its Morgan x Piston Gin, produced in collaboration with Piston Distillery,” Morgan Motor Company said in its announcement.

Piston Distillery, a gin maker founded in 2018 and located just a few miles from the Morgan factory in Malvern, is known for its award-winning gin that, “combines 14 botanicals to deliver a unique taste and captivating experience form the moment the stainless steel bottle top is removed,” said Morgan Motor.

Morgan Motor Company releases world’s first gin infused with ash wood

We’re told that when sipping the Morgan x Piston Gin, you’ll taste notes of crisp, sweet apple and delicate wood from the ash wood shavings. The gin’s signature drink is a ginger ale mixer with blackberries over ice.

“As with Morgan, quality materials and craftsmanship are at our core, so it has been wonderful to work alongside another local company whose values are at least as high as ours,” said Grace Stringer, distillery manager. “It’s a great idea to pay homage to Morgan’s history by using ash as its signature botanical, and adding the apple to soften the flavour has created a wonderfully distinctive gin.”

You can purchase a bottle of Morgan x Piston Gin from Morgan’s online shop for £45 ($60) or in a gift box for £55 ($73).

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