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Interesting Finds: 1966 Ford Anglia 105 Saloon

Not the flying type, unfortunately


Today we’re looking at a ClassicCars TV episode showcasing a 1966 Ford Anglia de Luxe, Ford UK’s popular compact from 1959-67. Featuring a reverse-slope backlite inspired by several American FoMoCo products of the time, and a new, rev-happy 998cc OHV inline-four paired with a four-speed manual, the Anglia was sold in the U.S. but is rarely seen today. Over in Europe, the Anglia was successful in Formula Junior and Formula 3. This particular example was originally delivered to South Africa, then made its way to the UK in 1984 before arriving to our shores in more recent years. Finished in the same hue as the one that appeared in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,” this 1966 Ford Anglia offers splendid style and enchantment.

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