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How Much Would You Pay For A Premium Diecast Car?

How much is too much?


Welcome back to Collectible Corner! In this episode we ask a common question among the hobbyists who collect models. “How much would you pay for a premium diecast car?” We will then discuss some of the differences between models set at various price ranges to get a better understanding of what these “premium” models have to offer.

Make sure to stick around to the end of the video, you will also see some leaked photos from the THunted Blog featuring an upcoming Hot Wheels collab hitting the shelves later this year.

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  1. I have collected Franklin Mint and Danbury Mint diecast models for 30 years. I have a total of 78 models. American cars, trucks and foreign models.

  2. I have been collecting Hot Wheels from day one. Still have all my original redlines in mint condition, well over a 100. Their value is up to the buyer and how bad someone wants them like any collectable. T o me I know that I will never find any hot wheels as clean as mine and the fact that I started collecting them when my Dad owned a Shell gas station and they were a give away on a fill up at the time. I even have my perfect Hot wheels watch that to this day is still ticking away.


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