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Interesting Finds: 1907 Cadillac Model M

A stepping stone to greatness


Several years before Cadillac invented the electric starter and waxed poetic about “The Penalty of Leadership” — even before being part of General Motors — the car company was building single-cylinder carriages like this 1907 Model M. While today we pay more for open-air motoring, back in the early years of the automobile, closed vehicles were the new thing. After 1908, Cadillac moved to four-cylinders and, then, V8s, thereby becoming the “Standard of the World.”

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  1. Thanks for this feature. Great information. I learned quite a bit from this. The car itself: you can basically envision an old but luxurious horse drawn carriage, cut in half and grafted on to the chassis. The era is so interesting as it was truly transformative. While the horseless carriage was gaining popularity every year, the infrastructure development was a challenge. It quickly changed the face of America: the cities and towns grew up around the infrastructure adapted for the automobile unlike Europe where urban life had evolved without.


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