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My Classic Car: 1968 Plymouth Barracuda helps reunite a man with his dad's car


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My father’s first brand new car was this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda 340-S. It was the car he and my mom brought me home in when I was born. When I got my license at 16 years old he gave it to me. I spent every dollar I had on it. My brothers and I worked on the car nonstop until 1992 when we “finished” it. Well in 1994 after no longer driving it (no ac, bad gas mileage and having a young family of my own), we decided to sell it to a family that lives here in northern California.

Over the years I would occasionally search the internet for ’68 Barracudas just wondering if I would ever see it again. On July 27, 2022, after not searching online for about four years, I decided to take a look. I went to the website and the fourth car down almost gave me a heart attack!

Marcel’s Barracuda comes home

It was my car, my dad’s car, and it looked exactly the same as when I sold it! It was for sale all the way across the country in Shadyside, Ohio! After a few back and forth emails, phone calls and a trip out to Ohio, my dad’s car was one step closer to being back home. I finished the purchase and loaded her up on a trailer for the ride back to California.

Marcel, his family, and his dad in spirit!

I have just recently completed a full rebuild of the original 340, transmission and rear end. I am forever grateful to and the previous owner who took wonderful care of a part of our families legacy. While my dad passed away in September 2021 and never got the see his Barracuda come home, I am proof that miracles do in fact happen!!!

-Marcel M., California



  1. Great story full of generations of memories. What a way to step back into building more history for your family! It’s amazing what the statement, “What goes around comes around.” must now means to you and yours.

  2. Also a great story, and I must say I am happy for you, but am a little jealous since I had that exact same car and am still looking for one. Mine had a 4-speed and no power anything. The second fuel crisis and need for leaded premium drove me to sell it many years ago. But today I wd be happy w any 67-69 fastback v-8 Barracuda, incl an automatic or stick.
    Enjoy your MoPar and join the Chrysler club in your area (WPC Club, meaning Walter P. Chrysler), and you will enjoy it even more.
    Steve K., Marion MA

  3. I’m tagging on, I too enjoyed the story. It’s like you’ve found a lost family member, a good ending. Cars mean a lot to us, maybe more than they should, but I like that, we personify them and attach feelings. A car is one of our first tools to freedom, as a 16 year old leaving the house and being free to roam in any car is greatness. . I was not lucky enough to have a cool Barracuda in 80’s high school, but did have a ‘64 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door with a 318 Poly and pushbutton transmission. It had Jensen triaxial speakers, dual exhaust, Drag Lite tires, Appliance mags, and even though it was not a Trans Am or Z-28 like the cool kids had, it was mine. I made regular trips to Galveston from The Woodlands with car loads of friends. This story caught my attention because it is about a Barracuda, I bought a ‘69 Notchback with a 4-speed earlier this year, maybe it doesn’t make any sense, but it makes me feel good.


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