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My Classic Car: 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Woody

Literally escaping a fire together


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I owned this car for 17 years. Throughout the years, we would take it the four hour drive from our home to Santa Cruz, CA, for the annual Woodies on the Wharf event. It was all original with factory overdrive.

In November 2018 a devastating campfire took 95% of our beloved town. I remember waking up and looking out at 7 a.m. and the sky was red and black like midnight. My wife drove out in our H3 Hummer to go pick up her parents. We had only minutes to evacuate with just the clothes on our backs, thinking we would be back in a day or two.

I jumped in the ’49 Plymouth Woody, and it took me three hours to go 15 miles to Chico in the bumper-to-bumper panic traffic. Everyone was trying to escape.

We didn’t make it back in a few days, instead we lost our home, our 12 vintage cars and my shop. My son often comments on how I drove a wooden car through the fire, but I just couldn’t leave Woodrow behind. It’s not a very happy story, but the car survived and so did our family. A friend stored it for me for a while, but unfortunately I ended up having to sell the car. Here are some great photos of it; hope you enjoy the car.

-Bobby G, California



  1. I was looking up ways on how to start this exact car, I looked at the pictures and realized this is the exact car I own now! Same plates and all still on her. My dad owned it. Please reach out to me I would love to hear and chat with you about this car.


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