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The pros of buying and selling in an online auction

AutoHunter's Steve Gregg dives into the online auction's buying and selling process with the Classic Car Corner Podcast


In a recent podcast episode with Classic Car Corner podcast, AutoHunter’s business unit manager Steve Gregg sat down to talk classic cars, buying and selling with an online auction and future trends he foresees in the collector car market. 

Listen to the podcast episode below to hear Classic Car Corner and Gregg’s enthusiastic conversation: 

“Classic Car Corner is a conversation about classic cars and the automotive experience,” the podcast’s website reads. Run by car enthusiasts themselves, host Jason Paynter and co-hosts Eric Bensel and John Lockhart talk with a new guest each week and explore the world of classic cars. 

In their conversation, Gregg discusses AutoHunter’s recent milestone of turning 6-months-old and the achievements the online auction site has reached, including welcoming over 600,000 users around the world and listing over 400 cars for auction. 

Gregg dives into the nitty-gritty of AutoHunter’s online auction process from both the buyer and seller’s point of view, all while highlighting the pros of participating in an online auction versus in-person.  

And later into their conversation, Gregg shares his childhood experience helping his father restore and maintain the family’s extensive car collection and how he got his hands on a 1969 Shelby GT500 at just 15 years old. 

Classic Car Corner is excited to be giving away copies of Host Jason Paynter’s book, Drop, Throttle, Oversteer, available on Amazon. Enter to win by visiting the Classic Car Corner website and downloading Jason’s classic car pre-purchase checklist.


Meet the Classic Car Corner team below: 

Jason Paynter | Host 

The pros of buying and selling in an online auction

Jason Paynter is an avowed classic car enthusiast, published author and certified Classic Car appraiser. For decades, he has enjoyed owning and curating a unique collection of cars, leading him to recently write Drop, Throttle, Oversteer: Collecting and Investing in Classic Cars, as well as writing a regular column for the G.D Herring Journal. With nearly 25 years in the auto business, Jason has learned a couple of things about cars and hopes he can share them in “The Corner.”

Eric Bensel | Co-Host 

The pros of buying and selling in an online auction

A former improv comedian, Bensel brings humor to the table when sitting in with Classic Car Corner crew. But what he enjoys most about the podcast is getting to have a conversation with very good long-time friends about the automotive experience – whether it’s their own experiences, their guests’ experiences, or a lively and friendly chat about what makes a car a classic. Each show is as unique as the many aspects of collecting, building, and driving.

John Lockhard | Co-Host

The pros of buying and selling in an online auction

John Lockhart began his love for cars like most boys collecting Hot Wheels and building 1:25 scale model kits. He wishes he still had that collection of Hot Wheels as the numbers were in the hundreds. No worries though, he has restarted that collection living through his 8-year-old son’s eyes as his collection of Hot Wheels is expanding every week. In the mid-2000s, Lockhard completed the Skip Barber Racing School at Road Atlanta, where he truly fell in love with racing and horsepower. He continues to enjoy attending car shows and going to car races every opportunity he gets.



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