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Portable jump starter and LED light is your next go-to road trip tool

WORX’s 12-volt multifunction tool will start your car, charge your phone, and illuminate your workspace


WORX, a tool and equipment manufacturer, recently released a new multipurpose tool which “provides road trip security and more,” the company says in its news release.

This small, portable tool jump starts gasoline-powered engines up to 4.0 liters of displacement and diesel car engines up to 3.0 liters. On a full charge, it can make up to 30 jump starts – that’s a lot of road trips or visits to the drive-in theater in my case. 

With the pandemic-restrictions shutting movie theater doors, I’ve been going to the drive-in a lot, meaning my car battery has been died one-too-many times, leaving me to ask strangers to give me a jump. 

The last time I went, I packed along the WORX jump starter and, needless to say, it was a lifesaver. It got my car back up and running in a few minutes. The device is now a permanent feature in my car. 

The tool can also jump 12-volt batteries in motorcycles, ATVs, lawn and garden tractors, and even marine batteries. 

“It has a built-in retractable ribbed hook for hanging under a vehicle’s hood, J-hook in the garage, in a closet, on a tree branch or other site,” says WORX. 

“The jump starter stands on end and has a magnetic platform base. It can be set on top of a vehicle, metal workbench, tool chest and roll-away cabinet or other metallic surfaces.” 

The LED light has five work-light and emergency-light combinations “ranging from a solid white LED work light to an emergency solid red or flashing red LED light.”

Another favorite feature of mine are the charging ports for your phone, tablet and other small devices. It can charge up to two devices at once in the power-panel, which also includes the plug-in to charge the jumper and ports for the jumper cables.  

You can purchase the WORX 12-volt portable car jump starter for $99.99 on the WORX website. 

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
An experienced writer and editor, Racheal brings her enthusiasm for collector cars to her role as the Content Manager of the Collector Car Network. Former Content Writer and Marketing Manager in the tech and publishing industry, Racheal brings a fresh perspective to the Journal and the automotive world.


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