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The mighty Dodge Power Wagon was derived from the legendary WC-series four-wheel-drive military trucks that helped win WWII as they served as pickups, personnel carriers, ambulances and other useful go-anywhere vehicles, rivaling the Jeep in importance to the war effort.

Like the Jeep, the Power Wagon continued after the war into civilian life, marketed by Dodge as heavy-duty work trucks for farmers, construction workers and such.  But it wasn’t long before the off-road crowd adopted them for playtime as well, and they quickly achieved mythic stature for their ruggedness.

Power Wagon
The side-mounted spare is equipped for snow or mud

The Pick of the Day is a 1960 Dodge Power Wagon, a one-ton truck sold by Dodge as the WM300.  This one has in open-cab configuration with a tent-like canvas top that extends over the pickup bed.  There’s nothing subtle about this stark beast, and it would be the winner hands down in any “who is mas macho” competition.

“This example is truly in superb condition,” according to the seller, a dealer in Cadillac, Michigan, advertising the truck on  “There is no rust issues or body damage.”

The Power Wagon has all its original equipment, the dealer says, including factory four-wheel drive, torque-monster 6-cylinder flathead engine and 4-speed transmission. It’s fitted with off-road tires on factory wheels and, in the bed, two side-facing benches mounted on either side.

Power Wagon
On guard duty

“The truck has a factory PTO front-mounted winch that can pull a house down,” the seller adds. “The Power Wagon has a very nice wood bed, side rails and rear bench seating. The front seats are in great shape, too.

“The windshield folds out or completely folds down. The truck has a full canvas top that, of course, is removable. One large spare tire, too.”

That side-mounted spare, for whatever reason, has what looks like snow chains, which certainly adds to the macho allure. 

Power Wagon
No evident amenities in this interior

With the rear bench seats and removable top, this Power Wagon would make a great open-air tour vehicle, say on your ranch or a national park, for taking a group out into the great outdoors.  For highway use, it’s pretty much an open two-seater, and with minimal weather protection.

The Power Wagon looks pretty awe inspiring in the ad photos, and it’s nicely priced at $9,495.  To paraphrase Crocodile Dundee, “You call that a truck?  Now, this is a truck.”

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Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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