Hellcrate Redeye

Mopar offers 807-horsepower Hellcrate Redeye V8

Crate engines are popular choices with those building hot rods or doing resto-mods out of classic cars. Mopar, the aftermarket parts division...
1970 Chevy C-10

Fix-a-Flat and drift team do resto-mod Chevy C-10

As part of its 50th anniversary celebration, Fix-a-Flat hired Formula Drift driver/builders Chris Forsberg and Dylan Hughes to perform a resto-mod resurrection...
Bowler Defender 110

Original Defender 110 coming back with supercharged V8 and air conditioning

British all-terrain performance-vehicle producer has secured a licensing agreement with Land Rover to build modern versions of the original Defender 110 station...
electric vintage Mini

British kit electrifies vintage Minis

A British powertrain specialist has announced a kit that converts vintage Minis to electric power. Swindon Powertrain said its Classic Mini Kit...
Jeep Gladiator concept

SEMA360: Top Dog is latest Jeep Gladiator concept vehicle

Presenting the latest volley in the Jeep v. Bronco battle for off-road superiority: the 2020 Jeep Gladiator Top Dog concept prepared for...
Audi brake-by-wire

What is brake-by-wire and how do these systems work?

Some automakers are using brake-by-wire systems in their latest vehicles. Jason Fenske at Engineering Explained has the details on how these systems work.
tire sidewall

Why a quarter is an important tool in checking your tires

(Editor’s note: Throughout October, we’ve presented a series of articles about tires. The series concludes today with this reminder about checking tire...
Tyre Collective

Collective creates device to collect bits shed by tires

If you watch an auto race, especially those taking place on paved oval tracks, by race’s end you can see an accumulation...

Do you know Vredestein? European tire brand rolls into US market

Calling itself “the legendary tire brand you’ve never heard of,” Vredestein Tires recently launched a “full produce offensive” in the North American...
Goodyear brakes

Gimme a brake! That’s what Goodyear wants to do

Goodyear not only wants to put its tires beneath your vehicle, but its brakes as well. In a licensing deal with FDP...