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My Classic Car: Passing down the legacy


My grandfather had a 1968 Chevrolet El Camino he kept in his storage building for years. He always talked about how I would end up with this once he passed away. Every time we showed up for a family reunion, he would start it up or we’d all get to walk around and touch it.

Images provided by Jake R.

He also had a 1955 Chevrolet pick up, 1965 Ford Econoline, and a 1937 Chevrolet pick up. The family would always say I was getting the pick of the litter. When he did unfortunately pass away, I ended up with the El Camino, which had under 8,000 mi on it.

In trying to make it the shining example of what my grandfather would have wanted, I replaced the complete brake system, fuel tank, fuel pump, engine, transmission, most electrical and having the seat recovered. This includes a full suspension rebuild, so everything but paint has been done so far. The back glass reads Grandpa’s Legacy.

It will go to my kids one day, along with his other vehicles. I don’t see myself as truly owning these treasures. My purpose is just to hold on to them until I can pass them along to someone else who will respect them. Rest in peace Alton Ridings. Every time I turn the key, I speak your name and hope I have done it the way you hoped.

-A truly humbled grandson, Jake R., Kentucky

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