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Car features we’re thankful for

From basic items to safety features, here's what our team is thankful for


Today is a day often used for reflecting on the people and things for which we are grateful. At the ClassicCars.com Journal, we’re slowing down today and combining this sentiment with our favorite passion- cars. We’ve asked the Journal, ClassicCars.com, and AutoHunter.com teams to share the car features which they appreciate. The below features range from simple luxury to safety, all which affect the experience of the car owners.

At the Journal, we hope you take a minute to be thankful for features in your own vehicles. If there’s something we’ve missed, please share it in the comments.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  • Automatic Start
    If I start my car a few minutes before getting in and its cold outside, then the car will heat up for me along with putting my seat warmer. There’s nothing like having an already warm seat when entering your car in the winter!
  • “Euro” Headlights
    I always thought these were a neat distinction from our American sealed-beam and halogens. Eventually lighting laws here were relaxed and we got our dose.
  • Cupholders
    You don’t realize how nice cupholders are until you’ve spent some time driving and taking road trips in vintage cars. It is hard to hold a cup between your legs when driving a manual.
  • Electric Windows & Doors
    I spent 15 years driving the most reliable, resilient Saturn…without electric windows or doors. It’s nice to be able to crack a window other than the driver’s side and not reach over the seats to make sure everything is locked! RIP Saturn, but I’m ecstatic to be a bit more “modern” now.
  • Power Steering & Brakes
    Power steering & brakes, I’m just not built to use my own muscles.
  • Aftermarket Exhaust
    I enjoy hearing the deep rumble of a nice hardy V8 during acceleration. To have the option of finding/ choosing one that suits your personality and preference is great!
  • Hidden Headlights
    I wouldn’t be into cars if it wasn’t for the novelty of seeing the eyelids flip open and closed when I was a kid.
  • Heated Seats
    I would say one of my favorite things is driving with the windows down on a chilly day and the heated seat on. Just adds a quality luxury feature to the vehicle it is included in as well! Love me some good seat heaters!
  • Paddle Shifters
     I’ve never owned a car with them, but they look so good.
  • Bluetooth
    It makes staying in touch and listening to streaming music on the go safe and convenient.
  • 4-Wheel Drive
    It has saved me, on several occasions, from getting stuck in the mud (that I sought out and willingly plunged my truck into). We don’t get rain very often here in Arizona, so you must take full advantage when it happens.
  • Tinted Windows
    They are a must-have in Arizona. Tint preserves my interior, keeps temperatures cooler, and gives me a little privacy. 😎
  • Compression
    Without the development of horsepower, driving would have ended up being just a little less interesting
  • Easy Touch Controls
    Since my Nissan Maxima is twenty years old, it doesn’t have all the cool features of today cars, although I look at it as just less there is to break. I would have to say my favorite features in my old girl would have to be the one touch up or down radio station control button and trip function button that tells me MPG, outside temperature and distance to empty. All that and more under my thumb in the steering wheel.
  • Superbird RoadRunner Graphics
    Because RoadRunners are amazing creatures with a mohawk.


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