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Question of the Day: What is your opinion of the Smart Car?

Give us your take in the comments section


What is your opinion of the Smart Car?

Give us your take in the comments section.

Smart cars in many colors gather at Beaulieu | Museum photos

David P. Castro
David P. Castro
The Santa Rosa, California native is an experienced automotive and motorsports writer with a passion for American muscle cars. He is a credentialed automotive, NASCAR, and IndyCar reporter that graduated from the University of Nevada. A devoted F1 and NASCAR fan, he currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, son, Siberian Husky, Mini Cooper, and 1977 Chevrolet C10.


  1. A few years ago in Italy we saw a Smart, car scared on all four sides . Wife [editor of morganotes] says
    “Smart car , dumb driver”.
    Guess they have a place, but not for me.

  2. The biggest waste of plastic and Aluminum cause there can’t be any steel in that POS. I would rather die than drive this witch is what would happen if I hit a tree rat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The car runs on premium fuel and gets terrible fuel economy, It has been discontinued in .
      country except USA. I pity your future

  3. Not a fan. Given the tiny size, and the light weight that comes along with that, why is the fuel economy not better than it is? What happened to the days when we had the Civic CRX HF? I had a friend that had one of those and he got nearly 60 MPG….with the A/C on! These days, you have to buy a hybrid to get even close to that gas mileage. I don’t understand how we went backwards as far as fuel economy goes. You would think that as technology improved, that fuel economy would skyrocket. And the CRX was a blast to drive. The Smart car doesn’t look as sporty nor as fun to me.

  4. surprised it did not sell better…but I have heard not the best gas mileage as for fuel it apears to be premiun..kind of counter intuitive!

  5. Probably not made for US roads, but here in Europe, it’s a big deal with our narrow streets and we are used to smaller car than inthe US – Look at the Fiat 500, the Renault Twingo and so on…

  6. Survival rate is zero in an accident of anything over 25-mph. Somebody needs to wake up. New Cadillac in 1959 under 4K new. Progress tells us manufacturing costs are much less after initial setup of factory.

  7. Too expensive and poor mileage for it’s size. Handles like crap due to the short wheel base and weight distribution, but OK for short city hops. … however, the sport coupe was nice, Handled better had more room and I wish they had sold it in the USA.

  8. Well, I would never own or even ride in one. For 1: I am 6’2″, and 2: I would not like to become a pretzel in an accident.


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