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Jeff Sutton’s Interesting Finds: 1965 Ford Mustang Eddie Paul “Mustang Magic” custom fastback (4K)

This Mustang has been featured in numerous magazines


This custom 1965 Ford Mustang, known as “Mustang Magic,” was originally built by Eddie Paul in the late 1970s. In 2007, the magical steed made its way back to Eddie for a much-needed refresh. Painted bright red and equipped with a custom interior, the fastback consists of all-metal fabrication aside of a Shelby-style fiberglass hood. During the build, Eddie widened the body 12-inches by fabricating the front flares using an air chisel. He also blended the front flares into a Trans Am-style front air dam by hand-forming it from 22-gauge sheetmetal. The rear was widened by welding new Mustang quarters on top of the old ones, then shaped with a hammer and dolly.

In all, this Mustang has a total of 11 Can Am-style scoop inlets. Power to motivate this pony car comes from a 289ci V8 engine backed by an automatic transmission. Built at the Edelbrock factory in California, the engine comes equipped with a 625cfm Carter Super Quad carburetor and Crane Blazer 228-2H camshaft putting out 276 horsepower at 6,000 RPM with 242 ft/lbs of torque. The stock 2.80:1 gears were replaced with Perfection American Zoom 4.11s for the drag strip.

The interior features Deist safety belts, a Vilém B. Haan 14-inch leather-covered steering wheel, AutoMeter gauges and reclining RECARO LS seats with recreated hand-woven jet-style fabric.

Mustang Magic made its debut magazine appearance in Hot Rod magazine in 1978, then the original build — in a 28-page spread, no less — was featured two years later in the Vol.1 No.1 edition of Mustang magazine in 1980. It also graced the cover of the Petersen Publishing’s Shop Series title “Engine Swapping.” More recently, the Mustang has made an appearance in a four-page spread by Rob Kinnan in the September 2017 issue of Mustang Monthly magazine … and that’s just some of the dozen-plus features in magazines, with all being included with the purchase of the vehicle. An appraisal from Eddie will also be provided verifying the car’s authenticity along with hundreds of pictures he took while restoring the car. As a bonus, Eddie signed the car between the gas filler and right taillight before applying clear coat during Mustang Magic’s final restoration.

Check out Jeff’s latest 4K video and many others at AutoHunter’s YouTube channel.



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