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Pick of the Day: 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom

A bit of Starfire, a bit of Toronado


A few weeks ago, the Pick of the Day was a 1965 Oldsmobile Starfire, a full-size personal-luxury car that brought Oldsmobile prestige until the Toronado took the baton. This time, the Pick of the Day is a 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom listed for sale on by a private seller in Sterling, Colorado. (Click the link to view the listing) Though the cars may appear to have played different roles in Oldsmobile’s lineup, they actually have a connection.

As you already may know, the 1966 Starfire was in its final year. Like all Starfires in the past, there was distinctive longitudinal trim that was its trademark. However, Oldsmobile claimed “a realignment in equipment places the Starfire … within the range of many more buyers,” which can be seen as a sign that this model was in decline. It really made no difference as the 1966 Toronado was taking over.

Yet if you dig into the 1967 Oldsmobile catalog, you’ll find what looks like a remnant of the Starfire called the Delta 88 Custom. The full-size Olds series was redesigned for 1967, showing a slight Toronado influence, with the Custom featuring Starfire-inspired longitudinal trim plus standard bucket seats for the coupe (with bench a no-cost option). Standard was a 425 2-barrel Super Rocket V8, with up to 375 horses available. Out back, the Delta 88 Custom differentiated itself from other Delta 88s by a rear bumper with two extra taillights. Only 12,192 Delta 88 Custom Holiday coupes were built in 1967, plus another 14,306 Holiday sedans.

Oldsmobile Super Rocket V8

This 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom was bought in 1980 from the original owner, who bought it new in Fort Collins. It features the standard 425 (though it’s not indicated whether it’s 310 horsepower with premium fuel or the 300-horses version using regular fuel), air conditioning and bench seat. Seller has performed a restoration which includes new paint, timing chain, shocks, gaskets and main seals, rebuilt carburetor and more. Seats and headliner were handled by an upholstery shop. Mags are not original to the car, but they pair nicely to the Olds.

A hint of Toronado style plus some Starfire inspiration in an enigmatic package doesn’t sound like a bad proposition. For $22,000 or best offer, do you think the same the same could be said about this 1967 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Custom?

To view this listing on, see Pick of the Day.

Diego Rosenberg
Diego Rosenberg
Lead Writer Diego Rosenberg is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and Princeton, New Jersey, giving him plenty of exposure to the charms of Carlisle and Englishtown. Though his first love is Citroen, he fell for muscle cars after being seduced by 1950s finned flyers—in fact, he’s written two books on American muscle. But please don’t think there is a strong American bias because foreign weirdness is never far from his heart. With a penchant for underground music from the 1960-70s, Diego and his family reside in metropolitan Phoenix.



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