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Paul Stephens showcases all-new Autoart 993R

The 993R is the culmination of a five-year project


Porsche specialist Paul Stephens unveiled images and specs for his new production-ready 993R. No nut or bolt was left untouched, and no panel was ignored in the five-year project based on a customer’s request.

Autoart 993R
Autoart 993R

“Take a 993 and make a 25 per cent improvement in every area” was the brief from Paul Stephens’ latest Autoart customer.

The Autoart 993R combines an air-cooled 993-series 911 with original equipment (OE) race-validated 993RS and modern Porsche GT-derived components, along with Paul Stephens’ parts. With the 993R, Stephens was attempting to replicate the rawness and charm of an air-cooled Porsche but with modern engineering and lightweight components.

“We have never been a company to copy others and so felt the time was right to put our mark on the last air-cooled 911, the 993,” Stephens said. “We chose this model as it is the most advanced series of the air-cooled era and has a unique appearance that is still appreciated today.

“That’s why the 993R [to me] really pushes our years of air-cooled experience to the limit, from the engine, suspension, lightweight panels, to the car’s bespoke minimalist interior. The 993R isn’t a swansong, but I wanted it to be the ‘best of’ Autoart, all meeting or bettering the customer’s brief.”

993R’s bespoke interior includes carob fiber Recaro seats

 Car specification:

  • Base Porsche 993 Carrera 2 weight of 1,370 kg reduced to 1,190 kg (dry) 1,220 kg (wet) for 993R
  • 330 bhp (at 7,400 rpm) 3.8-litre flat-six engine with 360 BHP option
  • 270/295 bhp per tonne (wet weight)
  • 993 G51.21 six-speed gearbox with lightweight flywheel and clutch
  • Wavetrac limited slip differential
  • Five-way adjustable suspension with five settings controlled by a bespoke ECM created in conjunction with suspension specialists Tractive and Center Gravity
  • Complete redesign and application of panels, including seam-welding and composite applications
  • Integrated roll-cage and fully bespoke interior including carbon fibre Recaro seats, and all non-essential electronics deleted to reduce weight and improve engagement

Engine specification:

  • Capacity enlarged from a 3.6- to 3.8-litre engine with the following upgrades:
  • Engine cases – boat-tailed and stress relieved
  • 993 RSR barrels and pistons
  • Pauter lightened steel con rods
  • Porsche OE 997 GT3 oil pump
  • Porsche OE 997 GT3 crankshaft and bearings
  • PS specification camshafts with solid Porsche Motorsport lifters and adjustable rockers
  • Individual throttle bodies adapted to PS specification

Exhaust system:
PS modified Cargraphic performance exhaust system with stainless steel heat exchangers.

PS Autoart designed and manufactured engine shroud to increase air-cooling efficiency.
Larger intakes are fitted to the front power unit to increase brake and oil cooling airflow efficiency.

Materials and body panels:

  • Seam welded body
  • Integral roll-cage
  • Composite additions to the exterior to reduce overall mass

Weight reduction of the exterior:
No panel is left unturned, including 993R-only composite panels and bespoke fixings.

  • The electric sunroof is deleted and a new roof panel fitted
  • Original steel bonnet is replaced with a genuine Porsche Motorsport aluminium version weighing 8 kg
  • Additional lightweight manual electric mirrors weighing just 0.25 kg for the pair
  • Deletion of rear wiper and mechanism
  • PS Autoart engine lid made in composite, weighing 8 kg, with courtesy lights
  • Porsche Motorsport glass for side and rear windows
  • Front and rear bumpers replaced with PS Autoart composite items weighing 9 kg each

Weight reduction of the interior:

  • Complete original interior removed including dashboard assembly
  • Lightweight PS Autoart composite panel system fitted including new door closure panels and 993 Clubsport-style knee roll
  • Original electric seats replaced with carbon fibre Recaro bucket seats
  • Simpler, lighter wiring loom
  • Electric windows deleted
  • Central locking deleted
  • Door grab handles deleted
  • Glovebox deleted
  • Centre console deleted
  • Audio deleted
  • Factory air conditioning deleted, and replaced by a lighter electric system mounted in the front of the car for improved weight distribution
  • Interior roof courtesy lights deleted
  • No longer required OE factory switches deleted
  • Airbag delete option as on 993 Clubsport

Suspension and Handling:
Original suspension removed and adjustable OE Porsche Motorsport replacement parts fitted in its place. Added five-way adjustable suspension with five settings controlled by its bespoke ECM, created with suspension specialists Tractive and Center Gravity.

As the 993R is primarily a road car that has reduced in weight, the 993RS braking system was considered a preference over a carbon disc set up offering immense immediate stopping power the first time and every time the brakes are applied.

The 993R is fitted with OE 993 RS discs and callipers with Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS


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