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Question of the Day: Do you like the Ford Thunderbird?

Vote and give us your take in the comments section


1976 Ford Thunderbird
1976 Ford Thunderbird (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)

Happy Saturday! I have a pretty simple Question of the Day about a former two-seater sportscar that was meant to compete against the Corvette, but evolved into something a lot different.

So dear readers, Do you like the Ford Thunderbird?

Vote and give us your take in the comments section. Like my high school history teacher always told me, “There are no wrong answers.”

My Take? No. I’m not a fan after owning a 1994 T-Bird with electrical surging issues that the dealership couldn’t fix. In its defense it had comfortable seats and a cigarette lighter. I’m a former Winston Lights chain smoker and a working lighter was a selling point.

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David P. Castro
David P. Castro
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  1. Love my 1956 Amos Minter restored Thunderbird. Suzanne Somers “American Graffiti”. Colonial White; Fiesta Red & White interior.

  2. I grew up with a 57 T bird as my neighbors cars was “ The” car in our neighbor hood. I drove a totally restored 57 T bird in 2000 and was impressed but there was no finesse
    in the handling & driving the Tbird so I purchased a New Retro bird in 2002. I can drive this car with no issues power steering a/c has been a great car love the handling and the peace of mind of newer technology.

  3. 55-57, gorgeous. 61-63 Banana nose, striking. Mid-80s turbo, fast car relief in a performance wasteland. 2000s throwback edition, nice too. The rest… nah.

  4. A big fan of T-Birds from day 1 (I was an infant). As striking as the ’61-63 were, my interest waned. Loved the ’64-66 models. The ’67 had me in awe, especially when my uncle gave us a ride in his 4-door Landau. It looked like nothing else, in a good way. From ’70 until ’88, they were boring as heck. The 10th generation’s SuperCoupe was just pretty good. I looked forward to the 2002 two-seater, but was very disappointed by the styling. A friend who drove only BMWs said she was impressed by the way the ’02 drove, but, I was never tempted. I wouldn’t mind owning a ’57, a ’66 convertible, or a ’67 4-door like my late uncle’s car. All 3 would be terrific.

  5. My Dad bought a ‘55 new. Fully loaded, white with red/interior. I still have that car & a ‘57 yellow Bird with a 3/sod overdrive. Love them both. I also have a ‘57 Corvette w:4spd & dual quads. Compared to the TBirds
    the Vette is very basic though much quicker. One is more of a personal cruiser, while the other is a more basic sports car.

  6. The ‘fifty-seven T-Bird is my favourite. I do not think there were any real T-Birds built after ‘fifty-seven, although the Square Birds are attractive.

  7. I am a devout 1955-1966 T-Bird enthusiast! The ’57 will always be my favorite of the 2 seaters, the ’60 of the Square Birds, ’63 of the Bullet Birds, and the ’66 of the Flair Birds.

  8. I think the last run was a great car poorly marketed by bot Ford and it’s dealers.The mix of the past with today’s technology was very effect but poorly marketed and misrepresented by the dealers. The day will come when they will be highly sought after, especially the limited editions.

  9. 1956 baby bird. Best looking of the 3 baby birds. Looks more streamlined. It appears to set lower than the 55 & 57. I have a beautiful red with white hard top and has just a little less than 58000 miles from New and have all records from day of purchase to present.

  10. I have a 62 and I’m going after a 55 I love the cars. I do believe though ford messed up they should have kept the Thunderbird a 2 seater.


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