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The Drive with Alan Taylor: ‘Jumping’ Tesla and Volvo’s first all-electric car

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In the latest episode of “The Drive with Alan Taylor”, Taylor invites automotive analyst Karl Brauer and they discuss the “Jumping” Tesla that jumped over a street and was destroyed. Brauer also announces the release of Volvo’s first all-electric vehicle, the C40.

Up next is Brian Moody, executive editor of, who shares the best interior for vehicles under $50,000 and then discusses with Alan the nine best vehicles that give you the best miles per gallon.

Next up is Lauren Fix, editor in chief for Car Coach Reports, and she chats with Alan about the battery, rubber and chips shortage problem. She also debates if electric vehicles are earth friendly, due to the amount of mining is necessary to harvest materials for batteries.

Closing the show is automotive journalist Rocco Fiorentino who talks with Alan about how attending Amelia Island Concourse fulfilled a bucket list item.

[00:00:00] – Jumping Juniper
[00:07:06] – All Electric
[00:12:30] – Rise Up!
[00:19:51] – Best Interior Vehicles
[00:27:47] – Best MPG Vehicles
[00:35:53] – Best MPGE Vehicles
[00:42:14] – Ukraine Has What We Need
[00:48:19] – Theft At Its Highest!
[00:54:45] – Eco Friendly?
[01:02:05] – Oil Change $400
[01:12:55] – Concourse in Florida
[01:18:04] – CARS CARS CARS

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