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Neon-colored Rolls-Royce specials are for those who don’t shy from conspicuous consumption


Rolls-Royce will build a limited number of wildly colorful versions of its Cullinan, Dawn and Wraith.

The colors form a new collection known as Neon Nights and follow a similar collection known as Pastel that was unveiled during 2019’s Monterey Car Week. The earlier collection proved so popular that Rolls-Royce decided to do it again, but this time with bolder hues.

The colors making up the Neon Nights collection include Eagle Rock Red, Lime Rock Green and Mirabeau Blue. Each color was originally developed for a respective customer in the United States but Rolls-Royce has decided to offer them to more customers, albeit just three further customers for each.

And the Neon Nights treatment extends beyond just the body. You’ll notice the bright body color is also used for accents on the wheels and exterior. Inside the cabin, it’s used for contrast stitching and a dash accent

Rolls-Royce Neon Nights

The colors are also being limited to cars with Rolls-Royce’s Black Badge grade, which is offered on the Cullinan, Dawn and Wraith. The Black Badge grade adds styling tweaks, and in some cases engine and chassis mods.

While the Cullinan is relatively new, having only arrived for 2019, the Wraith dates back to 2014 and the Dawn is only slightly newer, having arrived for 2016. Both two-door cars are related to the previous-generation Ghost. Rolls-Royce has just introduced a redesigned Ghost for 2021 but it might not spawn direct successors for the Wraith and Dawn. Instead, we might see a battery-electric vehicle replace both models.

This article was originally published by Motor Authority, an editorial partner of ClassicCars.com.


  1. If ever anyone needed evidence that Rolls-Royce has completely lost its credibility as a marque, there it is. They might as well just badge them as Lamborghini sedans (since VW owns both), and they can finally become the monument to excess and vulgarity that they’ve been aiming for ever since Volkswagen purchased the brand.
    Sic transit gloria Crewe…

  2. I ‘spect these things will sell well in the Third World, ‘specially in the Kingdom- there’s a land where jaw dropping gaud is really appreciated. Ever seen a vivid purple (“Viola”) Countach with a white faux fur interior? Yeah, I think Rolls knows where the money is, and taste is no longer in the building.


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